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2015 present

Digital Harbor Foundation

Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator is an important resource for the youth at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Confidently lead elementary, middle, or high school aged youth in maker and/or technology activities.
Support youth-centric learning by supporting development of skills relating to new tools and resources for maker activities.

Understand and adapt teaching strategies to youth with a variety of learning styles and capabilities.

Work together with colleagues and DHF staff to deliver high quality programs for youth.

Clean and care for DHF technology, tools, and facilities.

Continually develop personal tech and youth development skills related to current topics in maker and technology education.

Research, evaluate, and implement new technology tools and resources to enhance DHF programs.

Plan and prepare new maker and/or technology content for delivery to youth, including the creation of lesson plans, curricular content, and other.

2014 2015

Digital Harbor Foundation

Program Specialist

The Program Specialist is an important resource for the youth at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center, supporting them in discovering and developing their potential through maker and technology activities. Through daily interactions, the Program Specialist works to ensure that youth are productive, receive the help that they need, and actively provide technical guidance to aid in a youth’s progression through DHF’s programs.


Additionally (as assigned), this position will work to design and create maker activities, including: documentation, lesson plan, and other curricular supports that can be used in future DHF programs.

2012 2014

Digital Harbor Foundation

Director of Media

As Director of Media I was in charge of documenting the amazing work that goes on at the Digital Harbor Foundation, managing different social media outlets, and maintaining all of the Foundation’s websites. I was also in charge of taking photographs and videos of different events that went on at the Foundation. The pictures would then be uploaded to Flickr and the videos to Youtube or Vimeo. I was also in charge of creating various graphic design elements like postcards, flyers, stickers and web graphics.


2015 present

Capitol Technology University

Web Development
2015 2015

Community College of Baltimore County

Computer Science Student
2014 2014

Atlantic University College

Cinematography Student
2012 2013

Community College of Baltimore County

Computer Science Student
2010 2012

Digital Harbor High School

Media Pathway Student


Baltimore, Maryland

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